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72637 VMC260L for Atlux

Discontinued January 2011

A superior modified Cassegrain design, the VMC260L outperforms a traditional Schmidt-Cassegrain. Despite a focal length of 3000mm, the tube is only 650mm long. With its 260mm aperture the unit collects enough light for serious observation and photography of both planetary and deep sky objects.

The Catadioptric design consists of two mirrors and a double meniscus corrector lens design. Light coming from the object is reflected off the f2.5 primary mirror and then passes through a corrector in front of the secondary. This design virtually eliminates spherical aberration and field curvature while delivering superb contrast. Focusing is achieved through primary mirror movement. The VMC260L features dielectric coated mirrors to improve brightness and sharpness.

The open tube design allows the VMC260L to cool more quickly than enclosed Cassegrain models.

The standard configuration includes a piggy-back camera holder which doubles as a carrying handle. Also included is a 7x50 illuminated reticle finder scope and flip mirror.


VMC260L Atlux

Shown with eyepieces sold separately


Objective lens 260mm precision spherical mirror, multi-coated
Focal length (Focal ratio) 3000mm (f11.5)
Resolving power, limiting magnitude 0.45 arc sec., 13.8
Light gathering power 1380x
Tube size & weight (OD) 304mm x (L) 650mm, 10kg (22.1lb)
Finderscope 7x50 finderscope, field of view 7°
Adapter thread / visual back 60mm on scope body. 42mm for T-mount and 31.7mm push-fit on flip mirror. 50.8mm option*
Accessories included Dovetail mount rail and flip mirror
Photography** Prime focus, eyepiece projection and afocal imaging

*A 50.8mm mirror diagonal or a 50.8mm extension tube is needed to use a 50.8mm eyepiece. **Optional photographic accessories are needed.