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Telescope, Mount & Tripod Accessories


Tube ring accessory plate
73548 Tube Ring Accessory Plate
Weight: 276g (9.74oz)
For mounting a guide scope or camera on top of an optical tube.
Only usable with OTAs with tube rings.
1/4” screw.
Camera platform adapter for HAL tripod
73943 Camera Platform Adapter for HAL Tripod
Weight: 380g (13.4oz)
For mounting a camera or other equipment on the SXG-HAL130 tripod.
1/4” screw.
Dovetail Tube Plate
72661 Dovetail Tube Plate
Weight: 227g (8oz)
Size: 190x43x25mm
Universal Dovetail Adapter
76631 Dovetail Slide Bar M
Weight: 270g (9.52oz)
Size: 211x50x21mm

76632 Dovetail Slide Bar L
Weight: 360g (12.69oz)
Size: 285x50x21mm
Dovetail Mounting Block
73810 Dovetail Mounting Block
Weight: 220g (7.76oz)
For use with 72576 Accessory Plate to mount an additional and/or guide scope on one mount head.
Note: This part is supplied as standard with GP, GPD, SX and SXD2 mounts.
Porta Multi Plate
78011 Multi-Plate
Plate to hold a fieldscope or large binocular on the Porta II, GP or SX mounts.
Triangle Accessory Tray
75460 Tripod Accessory Tray
This tray provides a convenient storage space for eyepieces and other accessories. It also improves the overall stability of the tripod. The tray can be used on the HAL130 for use with GP and SX mounts as well as on the Porta II tripod.
Carry Handle
73870 Carry Handle
For VC, VMC and refractor optical tube assemblies.
Dual Speed Focuser
77227 Dual Speed Focuser
Can be used to replace focuser on the following existing Vixen Optical Tubes: A80M, A105M, NA140SSf, ED81S, ED103S, ED115S, AX103S, VC200L, VMC200L and R200SS. Fine focusing speed of 7:1.

Note: Dual Speed Focuser is now included with many Vixen Optical Tubes. To check compatibility with other Vixen telescopes, please click here to read the dual speed focuser user guide.
75801 AP/GP/SX Counterweight 1.0kg (2.2lb)
72577 AP/GP/SX Counterweight
1.9kg (4.2lb)
72578 AP/GP/SX Counterweight 2.8kg (6.17lb)
72579 AP/GP/SX Counterweight 3.7kg (8.15lb)
Tube Rings
72664 Tube Ring 90mm (Pair)
72665 Tube Ring 115mm (Pair)
72666 Tube Ring 125mm (Pair)
72668 Tube Ring 140mm (Pair)
72671 Tube Ring 176mm (Pair)
72672 Tube Ring 232mm (Pair)
Supplied in pairs, these tube rings can be used in conjunction with the 73548 Tube Ring Accessory Plate to mount a piggy-back guide scope or camera. The rings have thumb screw fasteners and are soft-lined to protect the OTA finish when tightened.
Accessory Plate DX
72576 Accessory Plate DX
Weight: 1275g (44.97oz)
Size: 330x120x12mm
For SX, SXD, GP2 and GPD2.
Dovetail mounting block is required to use with VC and VMC optical tubes.
Accessory Plate DX
75169 GP 60-45 Adapter Plate
Attach the older GP equatorial mounts, including the GP2, GPD2 and Great Polaris, to the new SXG Tripod.