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72502 SXW Equatorial Mount

Discontinued June 2014

SX MountStar Book controlled GO-TO equatorial mount

The Vixen SXW mount comes with Star Book GO-TO controller for manual or computer controlled observation or astrophotography.

This equatorial mount is light enough to be used as a portable observing platform but also offers a stable base for long exposure astrophotography.


Product features

High speed and precise automatic GO-TO slewing
The low profile declination head and internal motors greatly improve balance and motion around the RA axis. This lightweight design allows for high speed slewing and precise motor control.

Built-in motors
Internal motors mean no cable tangle, very quick and easy setup and clean exterior styling.

Unique motor layout
As the RA and DEC motors are inside the declination body, they act as built-in counterweights. As a result, a small telescope requires no additional counterweights.

Retractable counterweight shaft
The counterweight shaft is made of durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel and retracts into the declination body for storage.

Polar axis scope option
An optional internal polar axis scope can be installed in the RA body by simply screwing it into position. A variable intensity illuminator is pre-installed in the mount to evenly illuminate the alignment reticle in the polar axis scope. The alignment reticle helps with fast and accurate polar alignment.


Specifications SXW Mount
R.A. slow motion axis 180-tooth wheel gears whole circle movement
DEC slow motion axis 180-tooth wheel gears whole circle movement
R.A. coordinates display On the screen of Star Book, 0.1 min. increments
DEC coordinates display On the screen of Star Book, 0.1 arc min. increments
Polar axis scope Optional
Altitude adjustment 0˚ to 70˚, (Fine adjustment with tangent screw: +/-15˚, 3 step elevation)
Azimuth adjustment Double-screw fine adjustment
Controller Star Book, Max slewing speed: 1200x at sidereal time
Power source DC12 volts, 0.4 to 1.7 amperes
Maximum loading weight 12kg (26.5lb) approx, excluding counterweight
Counterweight 1.9kg (4.2lb) x1
Size (Body) 36cm (H) x 12cm (W) x 36cm (L)
Weight 6.8kg (15lb), without counterweight


Optional Accessories
Please call for information regarding spares and accessories.