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Star Book S

Discontinued June 2012Star Book S

A computerised GO-TO controller system which can be added to the GP2 and GPD2 mounts.

2.6" monochrome screen.

Intuitive Push Button Operation
The two sets of 5 control buttons enable simple menu navigation as well as push button control of the mount. As you move through the Star Book menus, the function of each button is shown on the display.

Mount Motion linked to Star Chart
In Scope Mode, where telescope motion is controlled in real-time, manual motor corrections and slewing are scaled to the zoom setting of the star chart. Motion is fast when the chart displays wide fields and becomes progressively slower when zoomed to narrower fields.

LAN Port
Firmware updates are downloadable to Star Book using a crossover LAN cable for direct PC connection or a conventional LAN cable via a network switch or router. (Note: Cables not supplied with Star Book). The IP address of the controller must be manually set on the PC when using a crossover cable. The Star Book can request an IP address from DHCP when used on a network.

Built-in Speaker
GO-TO and other operations are confirmed by audible tones.

Multiple Language Options
The Star Book has menus in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese.

PC Software Compatibility
Compatible with celestial navigation software commercially available on the market, including Stellar Navigator and Stellar Gear. There is also support for the ASCOM platform via third party drivers. This allows applications such as Cartes du Ciel to interact with Star Book. Please check third party software supplier websites to confirm the latest compatibility information.

Usable as a Stand-alone Unit
A 12V DC power supply can be attached to the Star Book directly without attaching it to a mount. This allows the Star Book to work as a stand-alone ‘night sky’ simulator for observation planning.

ST-4 Autoguider Compatible
Automatic guiding is possible by connecting a guide scope, CCD camera, and autoguider. For information on autoguiding features and functions, please contact third party suppliers of ST-4 compatible autoguiding products.

Altazimuth Mount Mode
It is possible to move the mount in vertical or horizontal directions, as on an altazimuth mount, with a single key press.

Comet Tracking
Orbit data for comets can be downloaded to the controller, allowing automatic location and tracking.

PEC Function
Star Book has a periodic error correction (PEC) function to allow the user to ‘train’ the controller to compensate for small errors in mount motor movement. Note that the PEC data is not stored when the controller is switched off. PEC training takes only a few minutes and is essential for accurate tracking during long exposure astrophotography.

Multiple Star Alignment
The GO-TO accuracy of the Star Book can be fine-tuned by aligning to multiple stars. Once alignment is done and an observing or photography session is complete, the scope can be returned to a “home” position. This allows a quick start up next time.

Example Screen Shots from Star Book S

Star Book S Screen Shot Star Book S Screen Shot Star Book S Screen Shot
Controller has database of common celestial objects Locate objects using the star chart Star chart can be zoomed in for accurate slewing


Star Book S Controller Set72522 Star Book S Controller Set
Consists of Star Book S hand controller, two motors, RA motor housing with circuit board, cables and a battery box. An optional mains adapter and powertank cables are available.

Size: 8.5cm x 13.4cm x 3.8cm (controller)
Weight: 165g (5.82oz) (controller excluding batteries)
Max. slewing speed: 1200x sidereal rate


Specifications Star Book S Motors
Power Consumption 0.2A (max.) 0.8A (max.)
Voltage DC 6V DC 12V
Batteries 4x AA size batteries (not included) 8x D size batteries (not included)
Continuous operation duration Approx 8 hours at 20°C (68°F) with alkaline batteries Approx 6 hours at 20°C (68°F) with alkaline batteries
Operating temperature 0 to 40°C (32° to 104°F)
Compatible mounts* GP2, GPD2

*Also compatible with the following discontinued models: GP, GP-DX (GPD), GP-E