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Star Book One

The Star Book One controller is not available for purchase as a standalone item. It is included with the AP-SM and SX2 mounts.

Star Book TenController Functions
The Star Book One is a dual-axis hand controller with the following functions:

In addition, the power consumption of the controller and mount can be adjusted to extend the time the mount can be powered by a battery or power tank. Lower power is suitable when using lighter payloads such as short, small aperture refractor or reflector telescopes for observation.

ST-4 Autoguider Compatible
Automatic guiding is possible by connecting a guide scope, CCD camera and autoguider.

PEC Function
Star Book One has a periodic error correction (PEC) function to allow the user to ‘train’ the controller to compensate for small errors in mount motor movement. Note that the PEC data is not stored when the controller is switched off. PEC training takes only a few minutes and is essential for accurate tracking during long exposure astrophotography.


Specifications Star Book One
Display Two line, 8 character LED backlit LCD display
Autoguider port ST-4 compatible
Mount connect port D-SUB 9-pin male plug
Power source DC12V (power supplied from the mount)
Dimensions 195 x 145 x 28mm
Weight 400g (14.1oz) excluding cables & expansion unit