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Star Book and Star Book S Firmware Update

For information on the changes and updates in the latest firmware versions, please visit the Vixen Global website here.

Information Regarding Firmware Updates
The various upgrades are provided as a complete set within the firmware update. Updated, new or corrected functions cannot be installed individually.

All firmware updates are carried out at the user’s risk. If you are in any doubt about applying the firmware update, contact Opticron for advice or to arrange to return your Star Book S or Star Book for the firmware to be updated.

Firmware Update Procedure
This procedure applies to Star Book S and Star Book firmware.

Ensure that new batteries, a fully charged power tank or a mains adaptor are used when carrying out the upgrade. Power failure at either the PC or the controller during the update process may result in permanent and irreparable damage to the controller. Should power failure occur, the controller will need to be returned to Opticron for repair and all settings will be returned to their default state.

If using a cross-over LAN cable to directly connect a PC to the controller, network settings may need to be changed. Please make a note of the existing PC network settings (IP address, subnet mask, gateway etc) before applying any new settings. You will have to manually re-enter the original settings once the update has been applied.

The current settings of the controller including time, date and location will be reset after the update. Please make a note of the current settings before updating the firmware.

System Requirements
The firmware upgrade program only runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Owners of computers running Linux, Mac OS or any other operating system will need to return their controller to Opticron for upgrade at their cost.

Update Procedure
We suggest that you check your current firmware version before proceeding with an upgrade. To do this, from either the initial start up menu or from the menu available in Chart or Scope mode, scroll down to the About Star Book option as shown below:

About Star Book Option

Press Select to show a screen like the one below:

About Star Book Details from Chart Mode

The current firmware version is shown in the first line (ver2.1 in this example) and the firmware build number is shown at the end of the first line (43 in this example).

Download the firmware upgrade application from one of the following links, depending on which controller you own (in Internet Explorer, right click the link and choose Save Target As and in Firefox right click the link and choose Save Link As):

Star Book S Update v27.exe

Star Book Update v27.exe

Make a note of the folder in which the application is saved. Once downloaded, you will need to connect the controller using one of the methods described below.

Direct PC Connection

Disconnect the network cable from the PC if already connected. Use a cross over LAN cable (not supplied) to connect the controller to the wired LAN port of the PC.

Power on the controller and wait for one minute for the controller to negotiate its IP settings automatically with the PC.

From the initial start up menu of the controller, scroll down to the About Star Book option and press the Select key. Make a note of the IP address and subnet mask e.g. and (where xxx and yyy can be any number between 0 and 255.

Now double click on the firmware update program downloaded above. In Windows Vista you may see a warning dialogue box (User Account Control). Select “Allow (A) I Trust This Program” to continue (similar warning dialogues may be displayed when running the application under Windows 7).

Enter the IP address obtained from the About Star Book menu option in the boxes as shown below:

Star Book firmware update

SB Firmware update

Star Book S firmware update

SBS Firmware update

Click the OK button and wait for between 2 and 5 minutes for the process to complete. The time taken will depend on the PC system configuration.

Turn the controller off and then on again. At the initial menu screen, scroll down to "About Star Book” to confirm the current firmware version.

You can now disconnect the LAN cable from the controller and re-attach any existing network cable. Wait a few minutes for the PC to re-negotiate any network settings before trying to use network resources (including the internet).

If the procedure above does not work the most likely cause will be that the PC and controller failed to negotiate an IP address for the controller.

You will need to check and possibly change the network interface setting, particularly if using a direct connection from your PC. We recommend connecting your Star Book via a router or hub that will issue an IP automatically.

Connection via LAN or Router

If connected to a LAN or a router that has DHCP enabled, the controller will acquire a network address from the DHCP server automatically. Use either the “About Star Book” menu option on the controller or the LAN or router administration software to determine the IP address that has been allocated. Now follow the procedure to upgrade the firmware as if using a direct PC connection and enter the automatically assigned IP address when prompted by the upgrade program.

If you are unsure of the network settings, contact your network administrator.