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Photographic Accessories & Adapters


DC Ring 53 to 43mm
72951 DC Ring 60mm to 53mm
Application: Converts from 60mm male to 53mm female thread
Compatibility: Use with 60mm visual back to attach 53mm threaded accessories
Weight: 22g (0.78oz)
4mm thick (excluding external thread).
DC Ring 53 to 43mm
72952 DC Ring 53mm to 43mm
Application: Converts from 53mm male to 43mm female thread
Compatibility: To attach 73523 Camera Adapter 43mm Deluxe or other 43mm threaded accessories
Weight: 19g (0.67oz)
3mm thick (excluding external thread).
DC Ring 43 to 36.4mm
72953 DC Ring 43mm to 36.4mm
Application: Converts from 43mm male to 36.4mm female thread
Compatibility: To attach 36.4mm accessories to R200SS only
Weight: 19g (0.67oz)
8mm thick (excluding external thread).
DC ring 60mm to T2
72954 DC Ring 60mm to T2-thread
Application: Converts from 60mm male to 42mm male T-thread
Compatibility: Use to attach camera T-mount or 72689 Eyepiece Adapter 42mm to 31.7mm
Weight: 26g (0.92oz)
As supplied with R200SS focuser.
Inverts image for photography.
Eyepiece projectin camera adapter
79361 Eyepiece Projection Camera Adapter
Weight: 242g (8.54oz)
Attaches to flip mirror or R200SS focuser.
Camera adapter 43mm deluxe
73523 Camera Adapter 43mm Deluxe
Weight: 390g (13.76oz)
For prime focus and eyepiece projection.
Attaches to 43mm thread.

Focal adapter

Photo Adapters
For prime focus photography with focusers with 60mm drawtube thread (A80M, A105M, ED81SII, ED103S, ED115S, AX103S, VSD100f3.8, R200SS, VMC200L, VC200L, VMC260L).

73876 Wide Photo Adapter for Canon EOS/Fourthirds
73878 Wide Photo Adapter Common

Weight: 55g (1.94oz)
Focal adapter
78751 Wide Photo Adapter 60DX for Canon EOS
Weight: 190g (1.94oz)
Digital Camera Adpater
77221 Digital Camera Adapter
Weight: 153g (5.40oz)
Attaches to flip mirror.
Use with DG-DX ring to attach a digital compact camera.
DG-DX ring
DG-DX Ring
Available for 28mm (73932), 37mm (73933), 43mm (73934) and 52mm (73935) thread.
73763 T-C Ring
Weight: 52g (1.83oz)
40601 Olympus OM
40602 Pentax / Praktica (42mm screw)
40603 Pentax K (bayonet fitting)
40604 Minolta MD (manual focus)
40605 Minolta AF / Sony Alpha (auto focus)
40606 Canon FD (manual focus)
40607 Canon EOS (auto focus)
40608 Nikon
40609 Four thirds - Olympus E
40610 Micro four thirds
40611 Sony NEX
40612 Nikon 1
40613 Canon EOS M