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LVW Eyepieces

Discontinued Models

The Vixen LVW series eyepieces feature comfortable eye relief of 20mm or more, wide 65° apparent field of view and high-grade Lanthanum glass for clear and high contrast viewing. Fully multi-coated optics.

LVW eyepieces


No. Description Size Apparent FOV Eye relief Weight
73856 LVW 3.5mm 31.7mm 65° 20mm 452g (15.95oz)
73857 LVW 5mm 31.7mm 65° 20mm 441g (15.56oz)
73895 LVW 8mm 31.7mm 65° 20mm 435g (15.35oz)
73896 LVW 13mm 31.7mm 65° 20mm 399g (14.08oz)
73897 LVW 17mm 31.7mm 65° 20mm 370g (13.06oz)
73898 LVW 22mm 31.7mm 65° 20mm 349g (12.31oz)