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75501 GP2 Photo Guider

Discontinued Jan 2015

GP2 Photo GuiderThe compact and lightweight GP2 Photo Guider is a sturdy tracking mount for guided camera astrophotography. It is perfect for taking wide field images with your DSLR or SLR camera.

The latest version of the Vixen GP2 Photo Guider uses the new DD3 hand controller which has an ST-4 compatible autoguider port. It also has a larger diameter counterweight shaft for extra stability during tracking.

Comes complete with 1 RA Motor, 1 DD3 Hand Controller, 6x20 Polar Axis scope with illuminator, battery pack, 1.1kg counterweight, tripod and carry bag.

Please note the GP2 Photo Guider is available to special order only.

Auto-tracking capabilities without corrections

35mm Photographic Lens Exposure times
50mm About 30 mins
100mm About 10 mins
200mm About 5 mins

*Allowable exposure times shown above vary according to polar alignment accuracy and atmospheric conditions.

Note: Optional ball & socket panhead may be purchased separately (Opticron product code 40316).

Click to see photos taken using the GP Photo Guider



Specifications GP2 Photo Guider
R.A. slow motion axis 144-tooth wheel gears whole circle movement
R.A. graduations 10 minutes increments
R.A. slow motion 2.5° per rotation
Polar axis scope 6x20mm with illuminated reticle
Altitude adjustment 0° to 62°, (2° increments)
Azimuth adjustment Double-screw fine adjustment, about 1° per rotation
Motor Drive With RA Motor and DD-3 Controller, Power supply DC7.5-12V (D-size alkaline batteries, 8 pieces - optional)
Maximum loading weight 2.5kg (5.5lb) approx, excluding counterweight
Counterweight 1.1kg (2.4lb) x1
Tripod Legs adjustable from 42cm to 70cm in length, 1.8kg (4lb)
Total weight 6.0kg (13.2lb)