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76201 FL55SS



The Vixen FL55SS fluorite apochromatic refractor delivers extremely sharp and bright star field images to the very edge of a full frame imaging sensor (95% light transmission at 44mm image circle).

The FL55SS has a compact 55mm f5.5 (300mm focal length) apochromatic objective lens and is a small, lightweight, grab and go telescope, ideal for the more demanding astronomer who is looking for a high quality telescope for use on the move. The FL55SS turns into a fast f/4.3 astrograph with the addition of the optional flattener lens and focal reducer. Despite its small aperture, the FL55SS, with a high resolution HR eyepiece, delivers stunningly clear views of the moon and bright planets.


Model FL55SS
Objective lens 55mm fluorite apochromatic, multi-coated
Focal length (Focal ratio) 300mm (f5.5)
Resolving power, limiting magnitude 2.11 arc sec., 10.5
Light gathering power 62x
Tube size & weight (OD) 80mm x (L) 282mm, 1.49kg (3.3lb)
Finderscope Optional
Adapter thread / visual back 42mm for T-mount and 31.7mm push-fit
Accessories included Dovetail mounting plate, Crayford focuser