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Vixen's eyepiece ranges offer solutions for all types of visual astronomer from beginner to advanced.

Those looking for good value, flexible and reliable eyepieces should consider the New Plössl (NPL) range. These are ideal to use with starter telescopes such as the VMC110L but also offer the perfect upgrade from the sometimes lower quality eyepieces supplied with telescope packages.

Vixen's Lanthanum (SLV) series provides a great balance of performance and price. Fully multi-coated optics and twist-up eyecups are supplied as standard across the range.

For discerning observers, the award-winning LVW range of Lanthanum eyepieces offers stunning views in both 1.25” and 2” formats. Build quality and optical performance are excellent.

If high magnification views of objects in our solar system are what you are looking for, the HR range is your perfect choice. Suited to use in fast focal ratio Newtonian reflectors such as the R200SS, these 100% made in Japan eyepieces deliver stunning views of the moon and planets.

Those wanting to get truly immersed in the view should consider the ultra wide angle SSW range. Offering high power, comfortable eye relief and a massive 83 degree field of view, this colourfui range of eyepieces sits at the top of the Vixen eyepiece selection.

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