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Mount Base & Tripod Connection Specifications

Historically, Vixen GP mounts and SX mounts used different tripods. Vixen now supplies one tripod to fit all GP, SX and HF2 mounts. This new tripod is the SXG-HAL130.

The base of the GP2 and GPD2 mounts changed from 60mm to 45mm in diameter in order to fit the SXG tripod. The azimuth adjustment pin on the canopy of the SXG tripod can be placed in one of two positions depending on which mount is being used.

An adapter is required in order to use a GP, GP2 or GPD2 mount with 60mm base with the SXG tripod or to use a newer GP2 or GPD2 mount with the previous generation tripod.

75168 GP45 to 60AD
To attach a mount with 45mm base to GP-HAL130 tripod or GP half pillar.
Weight: 65g (2.3oz)
75169 GP60 to 45AD
To attach a GP2 or GPD2 mount with 60mm base to the SXG tripod or SXG half Pillar.
Weight: 775g (27.3oz)
GP45 to 60AD GP60 to 45AD
GP45 to 60AD GP60 to 45AD
GP45 to 60AD GP60 to 45AD