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Camera & Guide Scope Mounts


Camera Holder for Counterweight Shaft
73796 Camera Holder for Counterweight Shaft
Weight: 302g (10.65oz)
Fine Adjustment Unit DX
73562 Fine Adjustment Unit DX
Weight: 340g (11.99oz)
For side by side or piggy back mounting a camera (requires 72576 Accessory Plate or 73548 Tube Ring Plate).
With X-Y positioning
(+/- 10°).
XY Guide Scope Mount 75621 XY Guide Scope Mount
This mount can be used to attach a guide scope for astrophotography. The fine adjustment controls allow +/- 6.5 degrees of adjustment in altitude (vertical) and azimuth (horizontal). This unit should be used in conjunction with an appropriate mounting solution such as the 72576 Accessory Plate DX and 73810 Dovetail Mounting Block.
Polar Fine Adjustment Unit 75519 Polar Fine Adjustment Unit
The Polar Fine Adjustment Unit sits between a photographic tripod and a star tracking mount such as the Polarie. It allows fine adjustment in both horizontal (azimuth) and vertical (altitude) axes to aid polar alignment when using a polar axis scope.