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74305 BT-ED70S-A

BT-ED70S-A Review Discontinued November 2019

The BT-ED70S-A uses ED (extra low dispersion) optics to reduce the effects of chromatic aberration. As a result, this lightweight astronomy binocular delivers superb images of the moon and planets and is also perfect for viewing double stars and other colour critical objects.

Designed for use with Vixen's SLV range of eyepieces, this binocular is very portable at just 4kg and can be used with either Vixen's HF2 fork mount or a conventional video panhead.

As with the other models in the range, the ED70S is also well-suited to long distance terrestrial observation. It's stylish and clean design makes it a great choice for riverside, coastal or rural properties with balcony views.


Model BT-ED70S-A
Objective lens D=70mm F=400mm ED Apochromatic, multi-coated
Limiting magnitude 11.0
Light gathering power 100x
Dimensions L400 x W190 x H155
Weight 4.0kg (8.8lb)
Visual back 31.7mm push fit
Eyepieces (optional) SLV and LVW with 31.7mm are recommended excluding LV8-24 Zoom
Accessories included Finder bracket shoe, carry handle & dew shields

Eyepieces are not supplied as standard with the BT-ED70S-A.

Optional Accessories
Please call for information regarding spares and accessories.