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73690 Atlux Equatorial Mount

Discontinued January 2011Atlux

A high-end equatorial mount for advanced astronomers

The Atlux mount is a superior German equatorial mount supplied with the Star Book GO-TO controller.

The mount is designed and manufactured to offer the best slewing and tracking performance in an easily transportable package.

Ideal for long exposure astrophotography.

Product features

GO-TO navigation and tracking
Star Book controller supplied as standard with the Atlux mount.

Compact design
The mount has been designed to be as compact as possible whilst still providing a stable and portable telescope platform. The counterweight shaft is retractable for transport and storage.

High maximum payload weight
The Atlux can easily accommodate advanced astrophotography payloads up to a maximum weight of 22kgs. The mount is supplied with a dovetail mounting block as standard. See below for accessory plate options.

Atlux base plateAtlux Base Plate
For attaching the Dovetail Plate mounting block on the mount head.



Dovetail plate mounting blockDovetail Plate Mounting Block
For installing an optical tube with the standard dovetail attachment. Usable with Atlux Accessory Plate, Atlux Base Plate or SX Accessory Plate DX.




Specifications Atlux Mount
R.A. slow motion axis 180-tooth wheel gears whole circle movement
DEC slow motion axis 180-tooth wheel gears whole circle movement
R.A. coordinates display On the screen of Star Book, 0.1 min. increments
DEC coordinates display On the screen of Star Book, 0.1 arc min. increments
Polar axis scope 6x20mm, wide 8° field of view
Altitude adjustment 0° to 72°, (2° increments, 3 step elevation)
Azimuth adjustment Double-screw fine adjustment
Controller Star Book
Power source DC12 volts, 0.4 to 1.7 amperes
Maximum loading weight 22kg (48.5lb) approx, excluding counterweight
Counterweight 3.5kg (7.71lb) x1 and 7kg (15.4lb) x1
Weight 19.7kg (43.4lb), without counterweight


Optional Accessories
Please call for information regarding spares and accessories.