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75841 APZ Altazimuth Mount

APZ MountThe ultimate high payload grab and go mount based on the Vixen AP EQ.

Based on the Advanced Polaris AP EQ mount, the Advanced Polaris Alt Az Mount (APZ) offers the discerning user a very high quality flexible grab and go Alt Az mount that can be converted to an AP EQ mount as the situation requires.

With a payload capacity of 8.2kg (18lbs) the APZ is suitable for use with a wide range of telescopes including 140mm refractors 8” Schmidt-Cassegrains.

The high precision gearing system and friction stop mechanism on both axes guarantees stable and accurate manual adjustment. As with the AP EQ, the APZ can be motorized and fitted with the STAR BOOK ONE hand controller.

The Vixen APZ is truly a mount that can adapt and grow with you and your hobby.


Specifications APZ Mount
Slow Motion Control RA Wheel and worm gears full circle micro movement; DEC Wheel and worm gears full circle micro movement
Quick Slewing Motion Friction Stop Motion (adjustable) 
Wheel Gear RA 73.5mm in diameter - 144 tooth wheel gear; DEC 58.4mm in diameter, 144 tooth wheel gear
Worm Gear RA 11.0mm in diameter, Brass; DEC 9.8mm in diameter, Brass 
Horizontal Axis 59mm in diameter, Aluminium alloy, with friction stop mechanism
Vertical Axis 59mm in diameter, Aluminium alloy, with friction stop mechanism
Number of Bearings 6 Pieces
Maximum Loading weight 8kg (18lbs) (6kg (13lbs) if motor modules are used)
Dimensions 178x258x104mm
Weight 3.8kg (8.3lbs) including APZ counterweight 
Counterweight APZ counterweight 1.65kg (3.6lbs) 


Optional Accessories

APP-TL130 Tripod
75191 Tripod APP-TL130
The newly developed APP-TL130 tripod, which has both portability required for camera tripods and strength required for astronomical observation, can be folded as short as about 60cm (23.5”) in length and it is an excellent companion for travelling. The tripod extends up to 130cm (51”) in length.
Weight 3kg (6.6lbs)