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79989 AP Photo Guider

A handy and versatile equatorial platform for guided-camera astrophotography

GP2 Photo GuiderThe AP Photo Guider is a lightweight star tracker for long exposure astrophotography having the same precision of the AP mount and the ease of portability. The AP Photo Guider comes equipped with the Star Book One controller that provides you both accurate tracking for hours and comfortable operation. A moderate Telephoto lens used with the AP Photo Guider will produce images of well known bright Messier objects. The AP Photo Guider is upgradable to the AP-SM mount with optionally available parts.


Please note the AP Photo Guider is available to special order only.






Specifications AP Photo Guider
R.A. slow motion axis 144-tooth wheel gears whole circle movement
Polar axis scope 5x20mm (Field of View 8°), illuminated
Altitude adjustment 0° to 65°, (1.9° increments)
Azimuth adjustment Twin adjustment 1.4° per rotation
Motor Drive Pulse Stepping Motor
Tracking High precision tracking with Star Book One controller
Maximum loading weight 6kg (13.2lb) (150 • cm torque load)
Counterweight 1kg
Tripod Legs adjustable from 42cm to 70cm in length, 1.8kg (4lb)
Total weight 2.4kg (5.3lb), 5.4kg (12lb) with tripod