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AP Equatorial Mount

SX Mount Review 79972 Advanced Polaris Mount
79973 Advanced Polaris SM Mount

Easy to use grab & go mount with versatility. Customise to fit your own stargazing style.

The Advanced Polaris (abbreviated as AP) Mount is ideally suited to beginners who want to become familiar with equatorial mounts or experienced observers who want a simple grab and go mount. The AP mount securely supports your telescope optical tube for comfortable observing. With its friction control mechanism, the mount can be quickly moved to your target object. A wide selection of optional accessories are available for the AP mount to meet your observation needs.

The AP mount consists of several modules or units that are joined together to make a stylish, highly portable German equatorial mount of excellent quality. With the available R.A motor module, complete with the Star Book One controller, it is easy to accurately track celestial objects.

There are two basic versions of the AP mount from which to choose. The basic AP mount comes standard with both the R.A and DEC manual slow motion control modules for manual operation. The AP-SM mount employs the R.A motor module for celestial tracking in place of the R.A manual slow motion control module and it comes standard with Star Book One. The upgrading will be completed with an addition of the optionally available DEC motor module.

AP Mount Modules

Click image for PDF detailing AP Mount modules and components.



Specifications AP Mount AP-SM Mount
R.A. / DEC slow motion Worm and wheel gears with 144-tooth whole circle micro movement
R.A. / DEC axis 59mm diameter, A5056 aluminium alloy
Number of bearings 7 pieces (ball bearings)
Counterweight bar 20mm diameter, steel
Counterweight 1.0kg (2.2lb) x 1
Polar axis scope Optional 5x20
Altitude adjustment 0° to 65°, with tangent screw bolts, about 1.9° per rotation
Azimuth adjustment Twin screw knobs, about 1.4° per rotation
Motor drive Optional Pulse motor (R.A.)
Tracking / Slewing Manual operation Star Book One, 60x slewing at maximum
External power supply Unnecessary Micro USB-B
Loading weight 6kg (13.2lb) Maximum torque load: 150 kg-cm
Dimensions 263x302x96mm


Optional Accessories

Polar Alignment Scope for AP Mount
75803 Polar Alignment Scope for AP Mount
A completely new type of Polar Scope using a simple alignment method. No hour angle setting is required.
APP-TL130 Tripod
75191 Tripod APP-TL130
The newly developed APP-TL130 tripod, which has both portability required for camera tripods and strength required for astronomical observation, can be folded as short as about 60cm (23.5”) in length and it is an excellent companion for travelling. The tripod extends up to 130cm (51”) in length.
Weight 3kg (6.6lbs)
Carrying Bag for Tripod
75804 R.A. Motor Module and Star Book One Set
Tripod Accessory Tray
75805 DEC Motor Module
AP Mount Carry Case
75658 Carry Case for AP Mounts
Light but tough case made using EVA extruded resin. Measures 27x27x13cm which is smaller than A4 size and storable inside aircraft carry-on baggage.
The case interior is designed to store all parts and accessories and has moulded fabric designed to securely hold the mount in place. Separate padded pouches are included for counterweights.
The D-rings on the case allow attachment of a shoulder strap (not supplied).